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Solutions Search - LT3791 - 60V 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost LED Driver Controller

LT3791 15–58VIN to 33.3V 3A LED Automotive Headlight Driver with Up to 98.5% Efficiency

Mar 7th 2012
Airplanes and big trucks with 24V batteries need powerful, efficient and robust headlights and spotlights. This circuit shows a 33.3V, 3A (nine Luminus SSR-90 LEDs) buck-boost LED driver that runs from 15V to 58V input with up to 98.5% efficiency. The 4-switch synchronous topology drives high power LEDs with minimal switch power ...



LT3791 98.5% Efficient 100W (33.3V 3A) Buck-Boost LED Driver

Mar 7th 2012
The LT®3791 is a synchronous 4-switch buck-boost LED driver controller. The controller can regulate LED current up to 52V of LED string with input voltages above, below, or equal to the output voltage. The constant-frequency, forced-continuous current mode architecture allows its frequency to be adjusted or synchronized ...

Circuit LTspice