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Solutions Search - LT3685 - 36V, 2A, 2.4MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator

LT3685 3.3V Step-Down Converter

Sep 3rd 2014
The LT®3685 is an adjustable frequency (200kHz to 2.4MHz) monolithic step-down switching regulator that accepts input voltages up to 38V operating and 60V maximum. An internal overvoltage protection circuit turns off the power switch when VIN is above 38V typical (36V minimum) which then allows the part to safely withstand ...

Circuit LTspice 


12V 1.5A Buck Regulator With Virtual Remote Sense

Jun 14th 2007
The LT4180 solves the problem of providing tight load regulation over long, highly resistive cables without requiring an additional pair of remote sense wires. This Virtual Remote Sense device continuously interrogates the line impedance and corrects the power supply output voltage via its feedback loop to maintain a steady ...