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Solutions Search - LT1884 - Dual/Quad Rail-to-Rail Output, Picoamp Input Precision Op Amps

Low Noise AC Amplifier with Programmable Gain and Bandwidth

Jan 20th 2000
Two LTC6910 programmable gain amplifiers can be combined to provide independent gain and bandwidth control using two 3 bit digital words. The Gain Control PGA simply varies the circuit gain from 1 to 100. The Bandwidth Control PGA puts signal gain inside the feedback loop of the amplifier. As this gain is increased the effective ...



5V Powered, Quartz-Stabilized 10kHz Voltage to Frequency Converter has 0.0015% Linearity and 8ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient

Nov 16th 1992
Almost all precision voltage-to-frequency converters utilize charge pump based feedback for stability. These schemes rely on a capacitor for stability. A great deal of effort towards this approach has resulted in high performance V to F converters. Obtaining temperature coefficients below 100ppm/°C requires careful attention ...