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Solutions Search - LT1671 - 60ns, Low Power,Single Supply, Ground-Sensing Comparator

Relative Humidity Sensor Digitizer-Time Domain Bridge Based

Jul 15th 1998
Humidity Transducer Digitizer Has Grounded Sensor, 1% Accuracy; Trim Scheme Allows Low Tolerance Sensors. Clocked Q1A-Q1B Configurations Produce Ramp Outputs. Q1A Ramp Slope Varies with Humidity Sensor Value, Q1B Ramp Represents Sensor’s Offset (0% RH does not equal 0pF). C1, C2 Digitize Ramp Times. Gate Extracts Time Difference, ...



Relative Humidity Sensor Digitizer-Charge Pump Based

Jul 15th 1998
Hygrometer Digitizer Has 0.3% Accuracy, Although Sensor Must Float Off-Ground. Humidity Sensor Determines Charge Delivered to A1 Integrator During Each Charge Pump Cycle. Resultant A1 Output Ramp Is Reset by Level Triggered C1 via Q1. Output Frequency, Taken at C1, Varies with Humidity ...



Relative Humidity Sensor Digitizer-Hetrodyne Based

Jun 5th 1998
Hetrodyne Based Humidity Transducer Digitizer Has Grounded Sensor, 2% Accuracy. Capacitively Sensed Hygrometer Beats Humidity Dependent Oscillator (C1) Against Stable Oscillator O1. Difference Frequency Is Demodulated by Q1, Converted to Pulse Form at C2. Counters Scale Output for 0kHz to 1kHz = 0% to 100% Relative Humidity ...



A Galvanically Isolated Thermistor Digitizer

Dec 3rd 1997
The LTC1799 is a precision oscillator that is easy to use and occupies very little PC board space. The oscillator frequency is programmed by a single external resistor (RSET). The LTC1799 has been designed for high accuracy operation (≤1.5% frequency error) without the need for external trim components. ...



5V Powered, Quartz-Stabilized 10kHz Voltage to Frequency Converter has 0.0015% Linearity and 8ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient

Nov 16th 1992
Almost all precision voltage-to-frequency converters utilize charge pump based feedback for stability. These schemes rely on a capacitor for stability. A great deal of effort towards this approach has resulted in high performance V to F converters. Obtaining temperature coefficients below 100ppm/°C requires careful attention ...