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Solutions Search - LT1461 - Micropower Precision Low Dropout Series Voltage Reference Family

Bridge Reversal Eliminates 1/f Noise and Offset Drift of a Low Noise, Non-Autozeroed, Bipolar Amplifier

Sep 13th 1999
This circuit gives 14nV noise level (or 19 effective bits) over a 10mV span. Bridge reversal eliminates 1/f noise and offset drift of a low noise, non-autozeroed, bipolar amplifier. The LTC2440 is a high speed 24-bit No Latency delta sigma ADC with 5ppm INL and 5μV offset. It uses proprietary delta-sigma architecture enabling ...



5V Powered, Quartz-Stabilized 10kHz Voltage to Frequency Converter has 0.0015% Linearity and 8ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient

Nov 16th 1992
Almost all precision voltage-to-frequency converters utilize charge pump based feedback for stability. These schemes rely on a capacitor for stability. A great deal of effort towards this approach has resulted in high performance V to F converters. Obtaining temperature coefficients below 100ppm/°C requires careful attention ...