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Solutions Search - LT1113 - Dual Low Noise, Precision, JFET Input Op Amps

LT1113 Low Noise Hydrophone Amplifier with DC Servo

Aug 20th 1993
The LT1113 achieves a new standard of excellence in noise performance for a dual JFET op amp. The 4.5nV/ÖHz 1kHz noise combined with low current noise and picoampere bias currents makes the LT1113 an ideal choice for amplifying low level signals from high impedance capacitive transducers. ...

Circuit LTspice 


Accelerometer Amplifier with DC Servo

Aug 20th 1993
The feedback integrator amplifies the 100 Megohm feedback resistance to behave like about 1Gigohm, extending the low-frequency response downward by about an order of magnitude. ...