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Solutions Search - LT1012 - Picoamp Input Current, Microvolt Offset, Low Noise Op Amp

Loop Gain and its Effect on Analog Control Systems

Simon Bramble - Field Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Jan 26th 2015
Abstract This article brings together the ideas of open loop gain, closed loop gain, gain and phase margin, minimum gain stability and shows how these parameters are interrelated in a feedback system. It examines loop gain in terms of a theoretical control system as well as practical electronic circuits, including linear regulators. Introduction Bob ...

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Fixing a Leader LPS151 Power Supply

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Feb 4th 2013
I recently spotted a very clean Leader LPS151 power supply on my way out of an exceptional junk store. I tried in vain to resist – you can never have too many power supplies. We have lots of these around the labs at Linear, and someone always seems to “borrow” the one on my bench. The tag said $75, but the ...

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