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Solutions Search - LT1011/LT1011A - Voltage Comparator

Acoustic Thermometry Measures Temperature To 0.1 Degree

Dec 1st 1990
Start Clock Launches Acoustic Pulse into Measurement Path, Sets Width Decode Flip-Flop High. Acoustic Paths Return Pulse, Amplified by Receiver, Trips Trigger, Resetting Flip-Flop. Resultant “Q” Width Output, Representing Path’s Temperature Dependent Transit Time, is Converted to Temperature Reading by Microprocessor. ...



Fast, 16-Bit Current Comparator

Jan 1st 1987
Precision op-amp used as pre-comparator. Schottky diodes in feedback limit output swing of amplifier to minimize slew delay. Resistive input structure can be tailored for different trip points; this one detects a current sink of >50uA at the input ...