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Solutions Search - Isolated μModule Converters

Increasing Output Voltage and Current Range Using Series-Connected Isolated μModule Converters

Jesus Rosales - Applications Engineer
Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules
Jul 22nd 2014
Design Note DN530: Introduction Linear Technology’s isolated μModule® converters are compact solutions for breaking ground loops. These converters employ a flyback architecture whose maximum output current varies with input voltage and output voltage. Although their output voltage range is limited to a maximum ...

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TechClip Videos – Real, Repeatable Performance

Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules Jun 23rd 2014
With the advent of internet services like YouTube, product videos have become an important means for manufacturers to demonstrate the capabilities of their wares to customers, consumers and businesses alike. However, much like the products themselves, the quality and content of all product videos is not the same. Inspired by ...

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