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Solutions Search - Isolated Transceivers

Rugged ESD Demonstration

Nov 7th 2016
The LTM2885 µModule isolator is subjected to repeated ESD strikes as high as 20kV. The line driving bus pins as well as the isolation barrier are all extremely rugged to high energy ESD pulses. This video also illustrates that the LTM2885 and its RS485 Transceiver continue to operate through the ESD events. Not only is ...



100MHz Isolated SPI Analog to Digital Converter Solution

Brian Jadus - Senior Design Engineer Sep 22nd 2016
Isolating high-resolution high-speed SAR ADCs with a SPI interface in data acquisition systems can be challenging. Competing digital isolators limit the maximum SCK frequencies to 40MHz or less and can be a bottleneck to achieving the maximum sampling rates in data acquisitions systems. The LTM2893 family enables your design ...