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Solutions Search - Internal Power Switch Buck-Boost

Wireless Current Sense Circuit Floats with Sense Resistor

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 25th 2017
Introduction Measuring the current that flows through a sense resistor seems easy. Amplify the voltage, read it with an ADC, and now you know what the current is. But it gets more difficult if the sense resistor itself sits at a voltage that is very different from system ground. Typical solutions bridge that voltage difference ...

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Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 3rd 2014
Two recent articles, "Energy Harvesting With Low Power Solar Panels" and  "Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency at Low Light", discuss how to efficiently harvest energy with low power solar panels. Both of these articles mention a concept known as maximum power, which in the context of solar panels is the ability ...

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2.7V to 40V Monolithic Buck-Boost DC/DC Expands Input Capabilities, Regulates Seamlessly through Automotive Cold-Crank and Load-Dump Transients

John Canfield - Design Engineer Jul 17th 2013
Handheld devices, industrial instruments and automotive electronics all demand power supply solutions that can support an expansive range of input voltages resulting from automotive input voltage transients, resistive line drops and a wide variety of power sources. As a further design challenge, applications often require a ...

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