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Solutions Search - IO-Link Transceivers

Quad IO-Link Master with Higher Current SIO Channels

Eric Benedict - Sr. Application Engineer Jul 20th 2017
Design Note DN566: Introduction IO-Link is a communication standard for a point-topoint, 3-wire interface to smart sensors and actuators found in industrial applications. IO-Link extends the traditional interface capabilities of these devices from a simple NC/NO switch interface (standard IO or SIO mode) to a bidirectional ...

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Safely Light Miniature Incandescent Lamps using LTC2874

Kevin Wrenner - Senior Design Engineer Jan 17th 2014
Introduction Incandescent light bulbs, described as "heaters that give off a little light" [1], are the target of governments worldwide due to their inherent inefficiency. Higher wattage lamps may be doomed by evolving efficiency standards, but their miniature cousins might still have a bright future in industrial settings ...

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