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Solutions Search - I/Q Modulators

Baseband Design Example for LTC5589/LTC5599 Low-Power IQ Modulator

Bruce Hemp - Applications Section Leader Jul 1st 2016
Introduction This basic low power modulator was described in the LT Journal Nov 2015 article. In this blog post, we will show how to: Use simulation to validate the filter design, and Reduce DC offsets by utilizing Differential Amplifiers for the baseband drive. Also shown are some miscellaneous tips to help complete ...

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Optimization of EVM Performance in IQ Modulators

Peter Stroet - design engineer
Bruce Hemp - Applications Section Leader
May 30th 2014
Introduction EVM, or error vector magnitude, is essentially a scalar measurement of digital modulation accuracy, an important figure of merit for any source of digital modulation. This note shows how a vector signal analyzer helps optimize EVM performance of IQ modulators such as the LTC5598, a 5MHz to 1600MHz high linearity ...

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