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Solutions Search - I/Q Demodulators

Wideband I/Q Demodulation for Zero-IF High Dynamic Range Receivers

Oct 7th 2016
5G LTE is on the way. These systems will require more bandwidth, and use more complex modulation formats. The LTC5586 High Linearity IQ Demodulator finds applications in 5G DPD PAs as an observation receiver, and in microwave/mm-wave gigabit backhaul receivers. Many features are digitally programmable, including RF input selection, ...



Optimizing the Performance of Wideband Zero-IF Receivers

Michiel Kouwenhoven - RF Design Manager Jun 14th 2012
The zero-IF receiver architecture gains popularity in wireless applications because of its suitability to demodulate very wideband RF signals. This capability is important in digital pre-distortion (DPD) transmitters. Realization of sufficient dynamic range is commonly known to be a major issue of zero-IF architectures. ...