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Solutions Search - High Voltage Amplifiers (>12V)

Low Noise, Precision Op Amp Drives High Resolution SAR ADCs

Erjon Qirko - Product Evaluation Engineer
Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager
Nov 20th 2017
Design Note DN1039: Introduction The LT6018 is an ultralow noise (1.2nV/√Hz at 1kHz) operational amplifier with ultralow distortion (–115dB at 1kHz). It has a gain bandwidth product of 15MHz, maximum offset voltage of 50µV and a maximum offset voltage drift of 0.5µV/°C. This combination of features ...

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Reference Filter Increases 32-Bit ADC SNR by 6dB

Guy Hoover - Applications Engineer Sep 26th 2017
Design Note DN568: Introduction Attaining optimal SNR performance from an ADC isn’t just a matter of providing a low noise signal to the ADC’s input. Providing a low noise reference voltage is just as important. While reference noise has no effect at zero-scale, at full-scale any noise on the reference will be visible ...

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