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Solutions Search - High Speed Comparators

Parameters that Affect Comparator Propagation Delay Measurements

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Nov 4th 2015
One of the key specifications for a comparator is propagation delay - the amount of time it takes for a signal propagate from the comparator input to the output. Whether as a threshold detector in a battery powered application, or on a high speed signal processing board, the comparator's propagation delay is often the first ...

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New LVDS Output Comparators Toggle Beyond 890Mbps

Sep 23rd 2015
MILPITAS, CA - September 23, 2015 - Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC6754, a high speed LVDS output comparator capable of toggle rates up to 890Mbps. This extremely fast comparator operates with only 1.8ns of propagation delay, 1ns of overdrive dispersion, and 1.5psRMS of jitter. Combined, these features address ...

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Industry's Fastest Comparators Drive 1.8V Logic Beyond 280MHz

Mar 11th 2015
MILPITAS, CA - March 11, 2015 - Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC6752 family of comparators with fast rise and fall times of 1.2ns and a toggle frequency of 280MHz, making them the fastest CMOS output comparators available today. Designed for driving logic levels from 3.3V down to 1.8V, the LTC6752 exhibits only ...

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Versatile Comparators Enable Fast Signal Detection, Level Translation and Clock Recovery

Asit Shankar - Senior Design Engineer Jan 27th 2015
In this video, a new high speed CMOS output comparator family, the LTC6752, is introduced. The comparators exhibit extremely high toggle rates of 280 MHz and very low propagation delays of only 2.9ns. An overview of important features and specifications is presented. A brief description of each of the five members of the family ...



LTC6752 Pulse Stretcher Circuit/Monostable Multivibrator

Dec 16th 2014
For detecting short pulses from a single sensor, a pulse stretcher is often required. The circuit of the figure above acts as a one-shot, stretching the width of an incoming pulse to a consistent ~100ns. The circuit works as follows: Comparator U1 functions as a threshold detector, and Comparator U2 functions as a one-shot. ...

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LTC6752 Optical Receiver Circuit

Dec 16th 2014
The LTC6752, along with a high speed high performance FET input operational amplifier like the LTC6268, can be used to implement an optical receiver as shown above. The figure shows the output of the LTC6268 driving the –IN pin of the LTC6752-2, the +IN pin of the LTC6752-2, and the LTC6752 output. The photodiode is being ...



LTC6752 200MHz Clock Restoration/Level Shifting

Dec 16th 2014
High speed comparators are often used in digital systems to recover distorted clock waveforms. The separate input/ output supplies feature of the LTC6752-2 allows it to be used in applications where signals need to be shifted from one voltage domain to another. The circuit above can perform both recovery and level translation ...



LT1116 Fast Zero Crossing Detector

Aug 7th 2014
The LT1116 is an ultra fast (12ns) comparator designed for sensing signals near the negative supply. The input common mode range extends from 2.5V below the positive supply down to the negative supply rail. Like the LT1016, this comparator is specifically designed to interface directly to TTL logic with complementary outputs. ...

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Dual Output Sine Wave to Logic Converter Utilizes Selectable Input Filtering for Lowest Additive Jitter

Apr 8th 2013
MILPITAS, CA – April 8, 2013 – MILPITAS, CA – Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC6957, a DC to 300MHz dual output buffer/driver/logic translator, ideal for converting sine waves into low phase noise logic level signals. Prior solutions were unable to perform this conversion without introducing a significant amount ...

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Tiny 3.2 MHz Dual Micropower Comparator Operates Below 2 Volts with 60uA Iq

Sep 26th 2007
MILPITAS, CA - September 26, 2007 - Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC6702, a fast, micropower dual comparator in a 2mm x 2mm DFN package. With operation down to 1.7V and less than 60uA of maximum current consumption, this tiny device is ideal for portable and battery operated equipment. Low voltage operation is ...

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LT1715 Rail-to-Rail 1MHz Pulse Width Modulator

Jun 1st 2001
In applications where a high frequency variable PWM generator is needed, the LT1715 provides a small and simple solution, as shown in the circuit of Figure 10. The top comparator, U1A, acts as a ramp generator. Biasing resistors R1 and R2 and a 7:1 positive feedback ratio through R3 set the positive input to approximately 2.5V±250mV. ...

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Clock Tunable, Filter Based Sine Wave Generator

Nov 13th 2000
A feedback loop enclosed resonator can be made to oscillate. This circuit’s sine wave generator takes advantage of this and eliminates the need for an amplitude control loop. This circuit, a mildly modified form of the Regan resonant bandpass loop, is clock tunable and produces sine and cosine outputs. ...



LT1721 Pulse Generator Has 0ns to 10ns Width, 520ps Transitions

Oct 13th 1999
It is sometimes desirable to produce extremely short width pulses in response to an input trigger. Such a predictable, programmable short time interval generator has broad use in fast pulse circuitry, particularly in sampling applications. This circuit, built around a quad high speed comparator and a fast gate, has a settable ...

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Microvolt Comparator with Hysteresis

Jan 1st 1998
Very low offset, 20uV typical, can produce extremely accurate comparator functions. Small input voltages can produce oscillations without hysteresis. Here hysteresis is added to a Vos trim pin to as to not degrade the input precision. ...



Dual Limit Microvolt Comparator

Jan 1st 1998
Low offset precision amplifiers make very accurate comparators. This is a window comparator when an output LED indicates that the input is outside of the window. Hysteresis to ensure smooth switching is provided to one of the offset nulling terminals with minimal impact on offset and therefore threshold accuracy. ...



Microvolt Compararator with TTL Output

Nov 1st 1983
Amplifiers can easily be used as comparators although somewhat slower than dedicated circuits. Very accurate comparison threshold is provided by the low offset of the amplifier. Feedback to one of the offset adjust pins adds hysteresis to prevent oscillations when the inputs are close to each other. ...