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Solutions Search - Frequency Conversion

LTC6752 200MHz Clock Restoration/Level Shifting

Dec 16th 2014
High speed comparators are often used in digital systems to recover distorted clock waveforms. The separate input/ output supplies feature of the LTC6752-2 allows it to be used in applications where signals need to be shifted from one voltage domain to another. The circuit above can perform both recovery and level translation ...



Halve The Jitter With The LTC6957 Filters While Buffering 10MHz

Michel Azarian - Product Marketing Engineer Aug 2nd 2013
You’re looking for a low additive phase noise (jitter) buffer to distribute the 10MHz sinewave source in your system as a reference clock. After looking at several datasheets from different vendors, you realize that there isn’t much performance information given at this relatively low frequency. Most high-performance ...

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LTC6945 Wideband Point-to-Point Radio Local Oscillator

Dec 13th 2011
The LTC6945 is a high performance, low noise, 6GHz phase locked loop (PLL), including a reference divider, phase frequency detector (PFD) with phase-lock indicator, charge pump, integer feedback divider and VCO output divider. The part features a buffered, programmable VCO output divider with a range of 1 through 6. The differential, ...



LTC6946-2 Driving a Passive Downconverting Mixer

Oct 27th 2009
The LTC6946 is a high performance, low noise, 5.7GHz phase-locked loop (PLL) with a fully integrated VCO, including a reference divider, phase-frequency detector (PFD) with phase-lock indicator, ultralow noise charge pump, integer feedback divider, and VCO output divider. The charge pump contains selectable high and low voltage ...



Balanced Frequency Converter (Suitable for Frequencies up to 50kHz)

Nov 16th 1992
This circuit takes advantage of aliasing that occurs in any time sampled system. The output signal frequency is the difference in frequency between the input signal and the switch sampling rate. A 24KHz input signal sampled at 25KHz will be converted to a 1KHz output signal. In addition by using the LTC1992 fully differential ...