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Solutions Search - External Power Switch Buck Controllers

60V Low IQ, Dual Output Synchronous Step-Down Controller with Adjustable Gate Drive

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Mar 31st 2017
Design Note 562: Introduction The LTC®3892 is a dual output synchronous buck controller featuring a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 60V and an output voltage of 0.8V to 99% of VIN. The combination of the LTC3892’s built-in FET drivers and external FETs yield high efficiency and high power capability, up to 97% ...

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Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing - Part 3: Current Sensing Methods

Henry Zhang - Applications Engineering Manager
Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Nov 22nd 2016
The three commonly employed current sensing methods for switch mode power supplies are: are using a sense resistor, using the MOSFET RDS(ON) and using the DC resistance (DCR) of the inductor. Each method offers advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when selecting one method over another.  Sense Resistor ...

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Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing - Part 1: The Basics

Henry Zhang - Applications Engineering Manager
Mike Shriver - Senior Applications Engineer
Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Nov 20th 2016
Current mode control is widely used for switching mode power supplies due to its high reliability, simple loop compensation design, and simple and reliable load sharing capability. The current sense signal is an essential part of a current mode switch mode power supply design; it is used to regulate the output and also provides ...

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Powering Altera Arria 10 FPGA and Arria 10 SoC: Tested and Verified Power Management Solutions

Afshin Odabaee - Business Manager - uModule Power Products Feb 19th 2016
Design Note DN549: Introduction FPGA development kits allow system developers to evaluate an FPGA without having to design a complete system. Figures 1 and 2 show Altera’s new 20nm Arria 10 FPGAs and Arria 10 SoCs (System-on-Chip) development boards. These boards are tested and verified by Altera, exemplifying best design ...

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VID Controller with Phase Extender Provides 120A Power Supply for Latest Generation of FPGAs, ASICs and Processors

Mike Shriver - Senior Applications Engineer Jan 12th 2016
DN547: Introduction The current drawn by FPGAs, ASICs and processors for high performance servers, network and computing systems continues to rise, and load currents of 100A or greater are becoming common. Meanwhile, the chip's operating voltages are dropping to 0.9V and below with tighter voltage regulation requirements. For ...

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Data Backup Solution for 1mm, Low Profile Industrial Applications

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Aug 25th 2015
Introduction Data backup and retention during a power interruption is required in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications, where emergency backup power supplies (such as a UPS) may be unfeasible. For example, a vehicle may need to transmit geographical coordinates and the vehicle ID during an abrupt battery ...

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Linduino PSM

Michael Jones - Applications Engineer Mar 12th 2015
While many engineers use a dongle and tools to configure Power System Management devices via PMBus, a growing number of designs are adding Board Management Controllers, or connecting their PMBus to an existing microcontroller or application processer. At LTC, the dongle/tool option is comprised of a DC1613 and LTpowerPlay, and ...

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LTC3890 & LTC4000 60V Input DC/DC Power Supply with Battery Backup

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Feb 27th 2015
Introduction Circuitry presented in this article can be very useful for designing compact power supplies and extremely beneficial for system functioning in conditions of input power interruptions. The presented solution can be embedded into uninterruptible power systems or small standalone modules. It can be successfully employed ...

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LTC3810 - High Efficiency Switching Surge Stopper

David Burgoon - Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Feb 23rd 2015
The LTC®3810 high efficiency input limiter protects its load from excessive input voltage. At normal input voltages (<60V), it operates open loop at a very high duty cycle (>95%) to pass the input to the output at up to 5A with minimal voltage drop. When the input rises to an undesirable point (up to 75V), the ...

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LTC Power System Management Tips for Success

Michael Petersen - Design Section Leader Jul 28th 2014
Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of Linear Technology's Power System Management (PSM) products by using them the way they were intended.  Follow these rules to stay out of trouble. Rule #1: When Sharing is Good a) Always connect SHARE_CLK pins together. This keeps all LTC PSM devices on a common ...

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Dual Phase Buck Controller Drives High Density 1.2V/60A Supply with Submilliohm DCR Sensing

Mike Shriver - Senior Applications Engineer May 30th 2014
Introduction Designers of low output voltage rails for communication, networking, server and industrial systems are challenged to achieve greater load currents and higher efficiency in diminishing board space. The LTC®3774 dual output buck controller eases this burden by interfacing easily with DrMOS devices, providing ...

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High Performance Single Phase DC/DC Controller with Power System Management

Yi Sun - Applications Engineer Aug 1st 2013
Design Note 517: Introduction The LTC®3883 is a single phase synchronous stepdown DC/DC controller featuring a PMBus interface for digital control and monitoring of key regulator parameters. It has integrated MOSFET gate drivers and can function either standalone or in a digitally managed system with other Linear Technology ...

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Dual Controller Provides 2μs Step Response and 92% Efficiency for 1.5V Rails

Mike Shriver - Senior Applications Engineer Aug 1st 2012
Introduction The LTC®3838 is a dual output, dual phase buck controller that employs a controlled constant on-time, valley current mode architecture to provide fast load step response, high switching frequency and low duty cycle capability. The switching frequency range is 200kHz to 2MHz—its phase-locked loop keeps ...

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