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Solutions Search - External Power Switch Buck-Boost

60V 2MHz Buck-Boost Controllers Regulate High Power Voltage and Current with High Efficiency and Low EMI

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Aug 24th 2017
Design Note DN567: Introduction Synchronous buck-boost controllers are versatile and highly efficient. They can produce high power as both a boost and a buck with a single inductor, keeping power supply design simple. Normally, a buck-boost controller in a high power application is operated at a standard or low switching frequency, ...

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How NOT to Damage Your Switching Regulator Demo Board

Christopher Jarboe - Associate Applications Engineer Sep 2nd 2016
Introduction: A great way to develop a design is to start with an existing demo board and modify it. While this simplifies the process, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of so that you do not have to spend time tracking down and replacing damaged components. Below are four common ways to damage your circuit. 1) Improper ...

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LT3790 240W High Efficiency Parallel Buck-Boost Regulator

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Jan 5th 2015
The LT3790 is a 4-switch synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter that regulates both constant voltage and constant current at up to 98.5% efficiency using only a single inductor. It can deliver hundreds of watts and features a 60V input and output rating, making it an ideal DC/DC voltage regulator and battery charger ...

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80V Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller Delivers Hundreds of Watts with 99% Efficiency

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader
Tage Bjorklund - Senior Applications Eng
Apr 2nd 2014
Introduction A DC/DC converter’s efficiency and component temperature are important considerations in high power applications where high current could overheat the catch diode used in an asynchronous buck or boost topology. Replacing the catch diode with a synchronous switch can significantly improve overall converter ...

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