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Solutions Search - Extended Temperature (H & MP) µModule Regulators

Quad 3A, Ultrathin uModule Regulator Fits on the Backside of PCB

Richard Ying - µModule® Regulator Design Engineer Feb 17th 2017
The LTM4643 is a quad output step-down µModule® (power module) regulator, configurable as a single output (12A), dual (6A & 6A or 9A & 3A), or quad (3A each) regulator in a 9mm x 15mm x 1.82mm ultrathin LGA package. This flexibility enables system designers to rely on one simple and compact µModule regulator ...



More Power, Better Heat Dissipation, Smaller PCB Area

Yan Liang - Applications Engineer Oct 28th 2014
System engineers strive to increase performance with each successive product generation to maintain competitiveness. A major hurdle in that effort for densely populated boards such as ATCA, µTCA and mezzanine cards is finding PCB area to mount the additional ICs and components (memory, processors, data ports) necessary ...



LTM8052 TechClips - Output Current Limit Protection

Walker Bai - Applications Enginneer
Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules
May 9th 2014
The user adjustable current limit of the LTM8052 is a useful protection feature should the load become compromised due to cracked, worn or otherwise damaged wiring insulation. With a 24V input supply and current limit set at 4.8A, the thermal rise of the module stabilizes at 34°C above ambient with no forced airflow while ...



LTM4641 TechClips - Efficiency, Output Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection and More

Afshin Odabaee - Business Manager - uModule Power Products Feb 6th 2013
The LTM4641 is a 4.5V to 38V input, 0.6V to 6V output, 10A step-down μModule® regulator with comprehensive electrical and thermal protection for loads such as processors, ASICs and high-end FPGAs. The LTM4641 μModule regulator monitors input voltage, output voltage and temperature conditions. If any user-adjustable ...

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