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Solutions Search - Extended Temperature (H & MP) µModule Regulators

A New Era in Space Products - Radiation Tolerant

T.J. Fure - Product Marketing Manager
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Mar 23rd 2016
Recent developments have made doing business in space ever more achievable to a broadening base of companies. A market previously consisting solely of major defense contractors and national governments has been disrupted by a growing list of commercial companies determined to deploy an enterprise beyond the confines of our terrestrial ...

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Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces EMI

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Greg Zimmer - Senior Product Marketing Engineer
Nov 4th 2015
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) are terms that pertain to energy from electrically charged particles and the associated magnetic fields that can potentially interfere with circuit performance and signal transmissions. With the proliferation of wireless ...

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Signal Level Shifting with μModule Regulator for Positive-to-Negative Inverting Appliications

Sam Young - Applications Engineer Sep 3rd 2015
Introduction Linear μModule regulators are perfect for point-of-load supplies because their easy-to-drop-in, compact, all-in-one design. They fit tight spaces with minimal engineering effort—only a few components are required in addition to the µModule package itself. Any step-down µModule ...

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36V Input, 8.5A Buck-Boost μModule Regulator Easily Parallels for Increased Power

Andy Radosevich - Applications Engineer Jun 16th 2015
Design Note DN540: Introduction The LTM®8055 is a buck-boost μModule® regulator with a 5V to 36V input range that can be easily paralleled to extend load current capability. Its 4-switch buck-boost topology features high efficiency while allowing the input voltage to be below, at or above the output—with smooth ...

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Buck-Boost μModule Regulator's External Current Sense Resistor For Paralleling ICs, Current Sharing and Overcurrent Protection

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Mar 17th 2015
Linear Technology's µModule 4-switch buck-boost regulators provide an integrated, high-efficiency solution for applications where the input voltage can be either above or below the desired output voltage. These fixed frequency, current mode devices require only a few external components to provide a minimal design ...

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Increasing Output Voltage and Current Range Using Series-Connected Isolated μModule Converters

Jesus Rosales - Applications Engineer
Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules
Jul 22nd 2014
Design Note DN530: Introduction Linear Technology’s isolated μModule® converters are compact solutions for breaking ground loops. These converters employ a flyback architecture whose maximum output current varies with input voltage and output voltage. Although their output voltage range is limited to a maximum ...

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TechClip Videos – Real, Repeatable Performance

Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules Jun 23rd 2014
With the advent of internet services like YouTube, product videos have become an important means for manufacturers to demonstrate the capabilities of their wares to customers, consumers and businesses alike. However, much like the products themselves, the quality and content of all product videos is not the same. Inspired by ...

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10A μModule Step-Down Regulator with Advanced Input and Load Protection

Yan Liang - Applications Engineer May 7th 2014
Introduction Bus voltage surges pose a danger not only to the DC/DC converter, but also to the load. Traditional overvoltage protection schemes involving a fuse are not necessarily fast enough, nor dependable enough to protect loads such as FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors. A better solution is to accurately and quickly detect ...

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Bench Comparison of Two Overvoltage Protection (Crowbar) Methods: MOSFET vs. Silicon Controlled Rectifier

Jason Sekanina - Power Module Design Engineer
Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules
Oct 10th 2013
Introduction As electronic sub-systems play a significant role in the reliable and safe operation of the overall product, adding an overvoltage protection circuit around the DC/DC step-down regulator may be advisable to prevent damage to the latest digital logic processors considering their absolute maximum voltage (<2V ...

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Prevent Your Next High Flying Product Launch From Being Grounded

Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules May 7th 2013
A small investment in over-voltage protection for high value FPGAs, ASICs, and micro processors could pay dividends in reliability, safety and warranty costs The widening gap between the 24V-28V intermediate bus commonly found in industrial, aerospace and defense systems and the input supply voltages of modern digital processors ...

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LTM4641 TechClips - Efficiency, Output Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection and More

Afshin Odabaee - Business Manager - uModule Power Products Feb 6th 2013
The LTM4641 is a 4.5V to 38V input, 0.6V to 6V output, 10A step-down μModule® regulator with comprehensive electrical and thermal protection for loads such as processors, ASICs and high-end FPGAs. The LTM4641 μModule regulator monitors input voltage, output voltage and temperature conditions. If any user-adjustable ...

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