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Solutions Search - Extended Temperature (H & MP) Interface

Rugged USB Isolation That Simply Works

Jeff Marvin - Design Center Manager Dec 12th 2014
The USB Port has become ubiquitous in computing and instrumentation equipment. However, it was not designed to operate in the harsh industrial or sensitive medical environments where USB is now being used. These environments demand galvanic isolation, high noise immunity and rugged transient and ESD protection. Linear Technology’s ...



LTM2884/LTP2884 Isolated USB Transceivers with Isolated Power - Video Product Brief

Chris Gobok - Product Marketing Engineer Jun 5th 2014
The LTM®2884 is a complete galvanically isolated USB 2.0 compatible μModule® (micromodule) transceiver. An upstream supply powers both sides of the interface through an integrated, isolated DC/DC converter. The LTM2884 is ideal for isolation in host, hub, bus splitter or peripheral device applications. It is compatible ...