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Solutions Search - Extended Temperature (H & MP) Comparators

LT6703 AC Line Overcurrent Indicator

Philip Lane - Field Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Scott Olson - Associate Engineer
Jun 4th 2016
Circuit Description This circuit design is to monitor the average current in an AC line-connected load and to illuminate an LED if it exceeds a specified level. µPower, Low Voltage Comparator with Reference The basis of this design is the LT6703-2 which combines a micropower, low voltage comparator with a 400mV reference ...

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LT6703 μPower Supply Voltage Monitor with 2V Hysteresis

Mar 17th 2015
The LT6703 µPower, low voltage comparator and reference offers a single comparator and accurate reference in a 2mm × 2mm DFN package. The -3 version is has a non-inverting input. Although only one of its comparator inputs is accessible (the other is connected to a 400mV internal precision voltage reference) its size ...

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LTC6752 Pulse Stretcher Circuit/Monostable Multivibrator

Dec 16th 2014
For detecting short pulses from a single sensor, a pulse stretcher is often required. The circuit of the figure above acts as a one-shot, stretching the width of an incoming pulse to a consistent ~100ns. The circuit works as follows: Comparator U1 functions as a threshold detector, and Comparator U2 functions as a one-shot. ...

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LTC6752 Optical Receiver Circuit

Dec 16th 2014
The LTC6752, along with a high speed high performance FET input operational amplifier like the LTC6268, can be used to implement an optical receiver as shown above. The figure shows the output of the LTC6268 driving the –IN pin of the LTC6752-2, the +IN pin of the LTC6752-2, and the LTC6752 output. The photodiode is being ...



LTC6752 200MHz Clock Restoration/Level Shifting

Dec 16th 2014
High speed comparators are often used in digital systems to recover distorted clock waveforms. The separate input/ output supplies feature of the LTC6752-2 allows it to be used in applications where signals need to be shifted from one voltage domain to another. The circuit above can perform both recovery and level translation ...