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Solutions Search - Energy Harvesting

Low Noise Power Supplies Come in Many Flavors: Part 3 - Buck Converters

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Tim Sourdif - Senior Design Engineer
Mar 23rd 2017
In Part 1 of the series, we looked at linear regulators for lowest output noise performance. In Part 2, charge pump solutions with integrated post linear regulators we highlighted. In these previous examples, circuit efficiency was a lower priority. But what if low output voltage noise and high efficiency are both desired? ...

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Frequently Asked Questions: Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting With the LTC3108 & LTC3109

Dave Salerno - Design Section Leader Oct 6th 2014
Q. What are the target applications for the LTC3108 and LTC3109? A. As discussed in the datasheet, these parts target applications that require a low average power (in the milliwatt range or less). This could be a micro-controller that is running continuously, or a wireless sensor/transmitter that is operating at a low duty ...

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Product How-to: Precise Wireless Temperature Sensor Powers Itself

Jun 13th 2014
In case you missed it, LTC’s Kris Lokere recently wrote an article for EDN describing a circuit combining Dust, Energy Harvesting, and precision temperature sensing. Specifically, it describes a reference circuit showcasing: Dust Networks wireless - LTP5901-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote Energy Harvesting - LTC3330 Nanopower ...

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Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 3rd 2014
Two recent articles, "Energy Harvesting With Low Power Solar Panels" and  "Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency at Low Light", discuss how to efficiently harvest energy with low power solar panels. Both of these articles mention a concept known as maximum power, which in the context of solar panels is the ability ...

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LT3652 Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency in Low Light

Jay Celani - Staff Design Engineer Oct 31st 2013
An important characteristic of any solar panel is that it achieves peak power output at a relatively constant operating voltage (VMP) regardless of illumination level (see Figure 2). The LT3652 2A battery charger exploits this characteristic to maintain a solar panel at peak operating efficiency by implementing input voltage ...

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DC2080A - Energy Harvesting (EH) Multi-Source Demo Board with Transducers

Brian Shaffer - Applications Manager - Boston Design Center Jul 18th 2013
The DC2080 is a versatile energy harvesting demo board that is capable of accepting piezoelectric, solar, 4mA to 20mA loops, thermal powered energy sources or any high impedance AC or DC source. The board contains four independent circuits consisting of the following EH ICs: • LTC3588-1: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting ...

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MicroGen’s Piezo-MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesters Enable Linear Technology SmartMesh IP Wireless Sensor Network

Jim Drew - Sr Apps Engineer Jun 25th 2013
MicroGen Systems, Inc. announced today that vibration energy harvesting BOLT Power Cells (see Figure 1) enabled a live wireless sensor network (WSN) using Linear Technology’s Dust Networks LTC5800-IPM SmartMesh IP mote-on-chip at the Sensors Expo and Conference exhibition in Rosemont, IL on June 5-6, 2013. The Linear mote ...

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Energy Harvesting with Low Power Solar Panels

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 4th 2013
As global energy demand continues to drive oil prices higher design engineers across all application spaces investigate techniques to take advantage of “free” energy. Photovoltaic solar cells provide the most common alternative energy. Countless articles and studies have been done on Maximum Power Point Tracking ...

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Energy Harvesting Applications

Jim Drew - Sr Apps Engineer Jan 15th 2010
Energy harvesting applications are finding their way into many remote monitoring applications where utility power is not available. New developments in ultralow power microcontrollers with their high level of integration are enabling monitoring systems which draw sub milliwatts of power. Various energy sources that were not ...

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