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Solutions Search - Downconverting Mixers

Dual Mixer Enables A Compact, Wideband MIMO Receiver for 5G LTE Service

Bruce Hemp - Applications Section Leader Jan 13th 2017
This video describes the application of the LTC5566, a dual mixers integrated with programmable gain IF amplifiers that enable a 3.6GHz compact, wideband MIMO receiver for 5G LTE service. The receiver provides superbly robust performance that can handle stronger blockers, while supporting 100MHz bandwidth. ...



Low Power RF Mixers Enhance Receiver Performance

James Wong - Product Marketing Manager Jun 11th 2010
RF mixers are critical components that make up the modern transceivers used in 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure, communication gears and military systems. The receivers’ robustness depends on their dynamic range performance. The LTC5540/41/42/43 family of RF downconverting mixers covering frequencies from 600MHz to 4GHz, ...