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Solutions Search - Differential Amplifiers

Driving High Resolution SAR ADCs

Tyler Hutchison - Signal Conditioning Design Engineer Sep 8th 2015
Driving high resolution SAR ADCs often requires tradeoffs between power consumption, linearity, and noise.  The LTC6363 provides 20 bit accuracy when the system designer pays close attention to the interface filter between the driver and the ADC.  Calculations and empirical data provide additional insight as to how ...



LTspice: SAR ADC Driver Interface

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 3rd 2014
High-performance SAR ADCs can offer amazing dynamic range and linearity at faster and faster sample rates. But how do you design the amplifier and interface at the analog inputs? LTspice IV can help. This video shows how to use LTspice to simulate the analog input interface of high-performance SAR ADCs. We will look at charge ...

Blog Post Video LTspice 


Single-Ended to Differential Conversion Using Differential Op Amps

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Jan 13th 2014
Differential op amps are important building blocks in modern analog and mixed signal circuits. Many modern ADCs require differential signals at the inputs. Differential analog signals are also handy to drive signals over a cable. Differential op amps are useful building blocks for creating differential signals. Linear Technology ...