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Solutions Search - DDR Memory/Bus Termination

LTC3676 8-Output PMIC For Application Processors - Video Product Brief

Steve Knoth - Senior Product Marketing Engineer Oct 24th 2013
The LTC®3676 is a complete power management solution for advanced portable application processor-based systems. The device contains four synchronous step-down DC/DC converters for core, memory, I/O, and system on-chip (SoC) rails and three 300mA LDO regulators for low noise analog supplies. The LTC3676-1 has a ±1.5A ...



LTC3634 Dual 15V, 3A Monolithic Step-Down Regulator for DDR Power

Jeff Gruetter - Product Marketing Engineer Sep 21st 2011
The LTC®3634 is a high efficiency, dual-channel monolithic synchronous step-down regulator which provides power supply and bus termination rails for DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 SDRAM controllers. The operating input voltage range is 3.6V to 15V, making it suitable for point-of-load power supply applications from a 5V or 12V input, ...