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Solutions Search - DDR Memory/Bus Termination

Ultrathin Triple Output μModule Regulator for DDR, QDR and QDR-IV SRAM Fits 0.5cm2 Area and Backside of PCB

Afshin Odabaee - Business Manager - uModule Power Products
Sam Young - Applications Engineer
Apr 18th 2016
Design Note 551: Introduction Delivering the highest RTR (random transaction rate) of QDR (quad data rate) SRAMs, QDR-IV provides up to 400Gbps data transfer for high bandwidth networking, high performance computing and intensive data processing applications. A key challenge at these faster data rates is maintaining the integrity ...

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Dual DC/DC Controller for DDR Power with Differential VDDQ Sensing and ±50mA VTT Reference

Ding Li - Senior Power Applications Engineer, Power Products Jun 1st 2012
Introduction The LTC®3876 is a complete DDR power solution, compatible with DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 lower voltage standards. The IC includes VDDQ and VTT DC/ DC controllers and a precision linear VTT reference. A differential output sense amplifier and precision internal reference combine to offer an accurate VDDQ supply. ...

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