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Solutions Search - Current Source

Low Voltage Power Supplies

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Jun 9th 2016
In this video, Linear Technology Co-founder and CTO Bob Dobkin discusses low voltage power supplies less than half a volt. Most of today's power supplies have a reference of 0.6 volts, which means the output voltage must be greater than 0.6 volts. Several years ago, Linear Technology pioneered a new type of current source reference ...



IC Current Sources - LT3092

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Sep 15th 2009
Current sources have been a well known but theoretical circuit component. Unlike voltage sources, a 0.01% accurate 2-terminal current source has been an elusive component that is not easily available and difficult to design. With the introduction of the LT3092, the current source as a drop-in component becomes a reality. The ...

Video LTspice