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Solutions Search - Current Sense Amplifiers

Precision Current Monitoring for Electric Motors, Solenoids and Inductive Loads

Cuyler Latorraca - Applications Engineer Mar 21st 2011
Current information in electric motors and solenoids provides important insight into power output and system health. Electric motor and solenoid driving circuits and the devices themselves create a challenging environment for operation of current monitoring circuits, with large common mode voltage shifts, fast switching currents ...



Simple Ways To Measure Current - LTC6101, LTC6102, LTC6103, LTC6104

Jon Munson - Applications Engineer Mar 15th 2009
Measuring current is one of the basic requirements in many electronic systems; whether for precise control or simple protection of circuit elements. A family of new devices from Linear Technology has been produced to greatly simplify the measurement of DC or AC current. Using only external resistors, each small device can be ...