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Solutions Search - Current Output DACs

1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a New Monolithic DAC

Jim Williams - Applications Guru Sep 17th 2010
The LTC2757, a new 18-bit DAC, requires careful measurement techniques to verify performance. Performance verification at DC is relatively straightforward using precision DVMs. Dynamic conditions considerably complicate measurement. In particular, determining DAC settling within 10 microvolts after a 10-volt step with a 275 ...



True 18-Bit DAC for Extreme Precision Applications - LTC2757

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Mar 15th 2010
Precision digital-to-analog converters are key components in many instrumentation, industrial control and test equipment applications. When customers purchase an "N-bit" DAC, the expectation is that every parameter will be better than 1 least-significant bit. This is a difficult task, even at the 16-bit level. Linear Technology's ...