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Solutions Search - Current Feedback Amplifiers

LTC2387 Drivers Part II: Drivers for Imaging

Derek Redmayne - Staff Scientist Dec 8th 2016
A Driver for Imaging (short version) The circuit shown below works great. You should try it. This is intended for nominally 0-3V single ended or differential signals, from CCDs, CMOS image sensors, or other similar signal sources. As shown, SNR is 88 dB. With the AD8008, in place of U1, and a few other minor changes, it ...

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LTC2387 Drivers Part III: Trans-Impedance Amplifier/Driver

Derek Redmayne - Staff Scientist Sep 8th 2016
This is unabashedly a classic case of what marketing calls “a solution looking for a problem”. It is an example of how the full SNR of the LTC2387 may be realized for a real world signal. Most signals originating in low level circuitry, in sensors, or in the real world, will require significant gain to develop 8Vp-p ...

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How to Drive the LTC2387 (Part 1): Signal Applications to 5MHz that Require Low Inter-Modulation Distortion

Derek Redmayne - Staff Scientist May 13th 2016
The biggest challenge in driving a 15Msps, 18-bit ADC with an 8Vp-p input range is the lack of integrated amplifiers with adequate bandwidth, low noise, and the required output excursion. There are low-noise, high-BW amplifiers than can produce 2VPP. There are low speed amplifiers than can produce 8VPP. For low distortion beyond ...

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