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Solutions Search - Cable Drop Compensatin & Virtual Remote Sense

Low Voltage Power Supplies

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Jun 9th 2016
In this video, Linear Technology Co-founder and CTO Bob Dobkin discusses low voltage power supplies less than half a volt. Most of today's power supplies have a reference of 0.6 volts, which means the output voltage must be greater than 0.6 volts. Several years ago, Linear Technology pioneered a new type of current source reference ...



2.1A LDO+ Regulator Features Cable Drop Compensation and Monitors Current & Temperature

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Feb 5th 2014
This video explores the LT3086, a new member of our LDO+ family. It provides many functions in addition to regulation. It can monitor and externally limit both temperature and output current, has an accurate power good output, and can compensate for wire drops between the regulator and the load. It sources up to 2.1A of output ...



1.5A LDO+ Regulator Monitors Current & Temperature

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Feb 5th 2014
LDO+ regulators do more than just regulate. They include monitor and control functions as well as regulation. The LT3081 has a wide safe area, allowing operation with high currents at high input-output differentials. Output voltage is adjustable from from 0 to 37 volts and it withstands reverse voltage. In addition to regulating, ...



Power USB VBUS in Autos with the LT8697

Trevor Crane - Design Engineer Jul 15th 2013
USB sockets appear in an increasing number of car models as portable devices become more ubiquitous. The USB interface delivers power to portable devices via the 5V VBUS and ground lines. Depending on the USB version and the portable device, the VBUS sources up to 2.1A. In a car, this high VBUS current presents a challenge. ...



Virtual Remote Sense

Robert Dobkin - Chief Technical Officer Sep 17th 2010
Compensating for unknown wire drops without remote sensing wires is now possible. The LT4180 continuously modulates the power supply output current to interrogate the line drop. Then the output is increased to match the drop providing up to a 50 to 1 improvement in regulation at the load. ...