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Solutions Search - Cable Drop Compensatin & Virtual Remote Sense

95% Efficient at 2MHz 42V Sync Buck

Jun 24th 2016
Linear Technology’s family of high voltage synchronous step-down DC/DC switching regulators offer up to 95% efficiency. Switching at 2MHz, these low EMI parts utilize the Silent Switcher technology. Other features include spread spectrum frequency modulation, ultra-low quiescent current and are available with single, dual, ...

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Shutdown with the LT3080x Current Source Reference Linear Regulators

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Tony Bonte - Design Manager
Jan 21st 2016
Current Source Reference Linear Regulators In many low noise applications, a linear regulator is an ideal solution for the power conversion due to its very low output voltage noise and low electromagnetic noise generation (compared to a charge pump or a switching regulator). The LT308x linear regulator family is ideal for these ...

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Paralleling Linear Regulators Made Easy

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer May 21st 2015
Linear regulators provide a simple, low noise solution for dc-dc regulation. However, at higher Vin-Vout differentials the low efficiency and high power dissipation of linear regulators limits the ammount of output current that can realistically be delivered.  Connecting multiple linear regulators in parallel spreads the ...

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Loop Gain and its Effect on Analog Control Systems

Simon Bramble - Field Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Jan 26th 2015
Abstract This article brings together the ideas of open loop gain, closed loop gain, gain and phase margin, minimum gain stability and shows how these parameters are interrelated in a feedback system. It examines loop gain in terms of a theoretical control system as well as practical electronic circuits, including linear regulators. Introduction Bob ...

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Output Voltage Noise Measurements for Linear Regulators

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer
Tony Bonte - Design Manager
Sep 20th 2014
Linear regulators provide a simple, non-switching DC/DC converter solution with low component count, small solution footprint and low output voltage noise. These attributes make them well-suited for applications that have power supply noise constraints, have limited board space and are averse to magnetics. Applications ...

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Control the Voltage of a Remote Load Over Any Length of Copper Wire

Philip Karantzalis - Senior Apps Eng Jul 8th 2014
Introduction A common problem in power distribution systems is loss of regulation due to the cable/wire voltage drop between the regulator and the load. Any increase in wire resistance, cable length or load current increases the voltage drop over the distribution wire, increasing the difference between actual voltage at the ...

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