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Solutions Search - Buck-Boost Regulator

Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with Intelligent PowerPath

James Noon - Applications Engineering Section Leader May 16th 2016
The LTC3118 combines a low-loss PowerPath controller with a single inductor buck-boost converter, resulting in a compact platform for multiple input designs. The LTC3118’s unique switch architecture allows operation from higher or lower voltage on either input, to a regulated output voltage. The wide input/output voltage ...



LTC3129 15V, 200mA Synchronous Buck-Boost Converter with 1.3uA Iq - Video Product Brief

Bruce Haug - Product Marketing Engineer Sep 23rd 2013
The LTC®3129-1 is a high efficiency, 200mA buck-boost DC/DC converter with a wide VIN and VOUT range. It includes an accurate RUN pin threshold to allow predictable regulator turn-on and a maximum power point control (MPPC) capability that ensures maximum power extraction from non-ideal power sources such as photovoltaic ...



LT8705 80V VIN / VOUT Synchronous 4-Switch Buck- Boost DC/DC Controller - Video Product Brief

Bruce Haug - Product Marketing Engineer Jun 11th 2013
The LT®8705 is a high performance buck-boost switching regulator controller that operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the output voltage. The part has integrated input current, input voltage, output current and output voltage feedback loops. With a wide 2.8V to 80V input and 1.3V to 80V output range, the ...

Video LTspice 


80V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC with 4 Regulation Loops

Al Wu - Design Engineering Manager Feb 11th 2013
In today’s modern electronic systems, the need for power conversion circuits that can do more then simply convert one voltage to another is growing. Some systems require a constant current, constant voltage output, while others may require a limit on the maximum current that can be drawn from the input. Still others may ...



Small Size and Very High Efficiency Buck-Boost Converter - LTC3780

Henry Zhang - Applications Engineering Manager Jun 15th 2009
Many applications such as battery-powered supply have a wide input voltage that can be lower or higher than the regulated output voltage. The conventional solutions, such as flyback, Sepic or a 2-stage supply are usually complicated and inefficient. The single-stage buck-boost converter only needs a small size inductor with ...