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Solutions Search - Buck-Boost Regulator

60V 2MHz Buck-Boost Controllers Regulate High Power Voltage and Current with High Efficiency and Low EMI

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Aug 24th 2017
Design Note DN567: Introduction Synchronous buck-boost controllers are versatile and highly efficient. They can produce high power as both a boost and a buck with a single inductor, keeping power supply design simple. Normally, a buck-boost controller in a high power application is operated at a standard or low switching frequency, ...

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Wireless Current Sense Circuit Floats with Sense Resistor

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 25th 2017
Introduction Measuring the current that flows through a sense resistor seems easy. Amplify the voltage, read it with an ADC, and now you know what the current is. But it gets more difficult if the sense resistor itself sits at a voltage that is very different from system ground. Typical solutions bridge that voltage difference ...

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How NOT to Damage Your Switching Regulator Demo Board

Christopher Jarboe - Associate Applications Engineer Sep 2nd 2016
Introduction: A great way to develop a design is to start with an existing demo board and modify it. While this simplifies the process, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of so that you do not have to spend time tracking down and replacing damaged components. Below are four common ways to damage your circuit. 1) Improper ...

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Electrolytic Capacitor-Based Data Backup Power Solution for a 12V System Regulated from 5V to 36V Input

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer Jul 5th 2016
Design Note 553: Introduction Data loss is a concern in telecom, industrial and automotive applications where embedded systems depend on a consistent supply of power. Sudden power interruptions can corrupt data during read and write operations for hard drives and flash memory. Often, embedded systems need just 10ms to 50ms ...

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Signal Level Shifting with μModule Regulator for Positive-to-Negative Inverting Appliications

Sam Young - Applications Engineer Sep 3rd 2015
Introduction Linear μModule regulators are perfect for point-of-load supplies because their easy-to-drop-in, compact, all-in-one design. They fit tight spaces with minimal engineering effort—only a few components are required in addition to the µModule package itself. Any step-down µModule ...

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36V Input, 8.5A Buck-Boost μModule Regulator Easily Parallels for Increased Power

Andy Radosevich - Applications Engineer Jun 16th 2015
Design Note DN540: Introduction The LTM®8055 is a buck-boost μModule® regulator with a 5V to 36V input range that can be easily paralleled to extend load current capability. Its 4-switch buck-boost topology features high efficiency while allowing the input voltage to be below, at or above the output—with smooth ...

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Buck-Boost μModule Regulator's External Current Sense Resistor For Paralleling ICs, Current Sharing and Overcurrent Protection

Kevin B. Scott - Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer Mar 17th 2015
Linear Technology's µModule 4-switch buck-boost regulators provide an integrated, high-efficiency solution for applications where the input voltage can be either above or below the desired output voltage. These fixed frequency, current mode devices require only a few external components to provide a minimal design ...

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LT3790 240W High Efficiency Parallel Buck-Boost Regulator

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Jan 5th 2015
The LT3790 is a 4-switch synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter that regulates both constant voltage and constant current at up to 98.5% efficiency using only a single inductor. It can deliver hundreds of watts and features a 60V input and output rating, making it an ideal DC/DC voltage regulator and battery charger ...

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TechClip Videos – Real, Repeatable Performance

Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules Jun 23rd 2014
With the advent of internet services like YouTube, product videos have become an important means for manufacturers to demonstrate the capabilities of their wares to customers, consumers and businesses alike. However, much like the products themselves, the quality and content of all product videos is not the same. Inspired by ...

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80V Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller Delivers Hundreds of Watts with 99% Efficiency

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader
Tage Bjorklund - Senior Applications Eng
Apr 2nd 2014
Introduction A DC/DC converter’s efficiency and component temperature are important considerations in high power applications where high current could overheat the catch diode used in an asynchronous buck or boost topology. Replacing the catch diode with a synchronous switch can significantly improve overall converter ...

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Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 3rd 2014
Two recent articles, "Energy Harvesting With Low Power Solar Panels" and  "Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency at Low Light", discuss how to efficiently harvest energy with low power solar panels. Both of these articles mention a concept known as maximum power, which in the context of solar panels is the ability ...

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2.7V to 40V Monolithic Buck-Boost DC/DC Expands Input Capabilities, Regulates Seamlessly through Automotive Cold-Crank and Load-Dump Transients

John Canfield - Design Engineer Jul 17th 2013
Handheld devices, industrial instruments and automotive electronics all demand power supply solutions that can support an expansive range of input voltages resulting from automotive input voltage transients, resistive line drops and a wide variety of power sources. As a further design challenge, applications often require a ...

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