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Solutions Search - Buck-Boost LED Drivers

Low EMI LED Driver with Synchronous Internal 2A Switches

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Nov 17th 2016
The LT3922 40V, synchronous, Silent Switcher low EMI LED driver meets the demands of the next generation of LED systems. These LED drivers require more features and higher performance than ever before. Higher efficiency prolongs battery life and reduces heat in space-constrained applications. Wide voltage ranges are needed ...



60V 8-Switch Matrix LED Dimmer

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Nov 10th 2015
LEDs are being used in current luxury model automotive headlights. Future automotive headlight designs include more powerful LEDs, more LEDs, and highly animated and multifunctional LED strings. These “matrix” LED headlights have the ability to change brightness and patterns. They allow control of individual LEDs ...



60V LED Driver with Internal 4A Switch for Automotive Lighting

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Mar 31st 2015
LED lighting is an important feature in today’s and future automobile designs. LED lighting is efficient, robust, attractive, and artistic. LED lighting is used in many different ways in a vehicle, namely high and low beam headlights, daytime running lights, signal lighting, brake lights, dashboard displays, heads up displays, ...



High Power Three-Channel LED Driver

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Oct 27th 2014
Large arrays of LEDs require high power and multi-string LED drivers. When many single channel, high power converters are used in an application, a better solution may be to reduce the cost and number of components by using a single converter with several drivers on the same IC. Eliminating or reducing duplication of features ...



Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces Automotive LED Driver EMI

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Dec 30th 2013
The large number of electronics in an automobile must have reasonably low electromagnetic interference (EMI) in order to avoid disturbing the radio reception, GPS navigation tools and other forms of communication and broadcast. Switch mode regulators are commonly used in this environment and they have to be designed to mitigate ...



60V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC Drives LEDs, Regulates Voltage and Charges Batteries

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Mar 20th 2012
LEDs are becoming both more popular and more powerful. Strings of 1A, 2A, 3A and higher current LEDs found in vehicles, billboards, industrial lighting, and many more applications need to be driven both accurately and efficiently from DC/DC converters. In many cases, a step-up and step-down topology is needed due to the voltage ...