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Solutions Search - Battery Monitor and Protection

High Efficiency Solar MPPT Battery Charger Using LT8611 and AD5245

Perry Faubert - FAE Jul 10th 2017
Introduction Outdoor applications that use solar panels in the range of a few watts often use a microcontroller-based MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)  function to extract the maximum power available over the full range of environmental operating conditions. Many microcontroller-based MPPT solutions designed for ...

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LTC2943 Multicell Battery Gas Gauge with Temperature, Voltage and Current Measurement

Oct 22nd 2013
The LTC2943 measures battery charge state, battery voltage, battery current and its own temperature in portable product applications. The wide input voltage range allows use with multicell batteries up to 20V. A precision coulomb counter integrates current through a sense resistor between the battery’s positive terminal ...



New IC Technology Boosts Performance of Large Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Mike Kultgen - Design Director Nov 5th 2012
16kW-hr battery packs made from lithium ion cells are powering electric vehicles and storing grid energy. Measurement ICs like the LTC®6804 are used to extend the life and ensure the safety of the pack. The accuracy of the measurement IC can influence the cost of the system. The LTC6804 can measure cell voltages with less ...

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Saturated Standard Cell Amplifier

Dec 1st 1989
The amplifier is a standard non-inverting gain stage that can be trimmed to any specific output level. A low-leakage FET is used as a cell disconnect when power is removed. ...



Lead-Acid Low-Battery Detector with System Shutdown

Jan 1st 1987
Resistor dividers are used to provide a signal comparison against a reference voltage. The opamps operate as precision comparators to provide indications of battery charge state. ...