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Solutions Search - Battery Charger IC

LTC3890 & LTC4000 60V Input DC/DC Power Supply with Battery Backup

Victor Khasiev - Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Feb 27th 2015
Introduction Circuitry presented in this article can be very useful for designing compact power supplies and extremely beneficial for system functioning in conditions of input power interruptions. The presented solution can be embedded into uninterruptible power systems or small standalone modules. It can be successfully employed ...

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Frequently Asked Questions: LTC4010 & LTC40111 NiCd / NiMH Battery Charger

Oct 7th 2014
The LTC4010 is a complete NiMH/NiCd battery charger solution that requires no microcontroller or firmware programming. The LTC4010 includes charge initiation, monitoring, protection, charge termination and constant current control circuitry for a fast, autonomous charger solution. The IC can fast charge 1- to 16-cell NiMH ...

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55V High Efficiency Buck-Boost Power Manager and Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger

Charlie Zhao - Applications Eng Aug 27th 2014
Design Note DN531: Introduction Today, battery chargers are expected to easily support a variety of battery chemistries and accept a range of voltage inputs, including wide-ranging solar panels. It is increasingly common for input voltage ranges to span above and below the output battery voltage, requiring both step-down and ...

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Doubling the LTC4120 Wireless Power Receiver for Higher Battery Charge Current

Andy Bishop - Design Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Aug 27th 2014
The LTC4120 is a constant-current/constant-voltage wireless receiver and battery charger. The charge current is programmed up to 400mA with an external resistor. If more than 400mA is required, then use two LTC4120 devices operating in parallel as shown in this schematic. In this case the two LTC4120 operate from one transmitter ...

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TechClip Videos – Real, Repeatable Performance

Willie Chan - Sr PME Power Modules Jun 23rd 2014
With the advent of internet services like YouTube, product videos have become an important means for manufacturers to demonstrate the capabilities of their wares to customers, consumers and businesses alike. However, much like the products themselves, the quality and content of all product videos is not the same. Inspired by ...

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Techniques to Maximize Solar Panel Power Output

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Feb 3rd 2014
Two recent articles, "Energy Harvesting With Low Power Solar Panels" and  "Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency at Low Light", discuss how to efficiently harvest energy with low power solar panels. Both of these articles mention a concept known as maximum power, which in the context of solar panels is the ability ...

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LT3652 Solar Battery Charger Maintains High Efficiency in Low Light

Jay Celani - Staff Design Engineer Oct 31st 2013
An important characteristic of any solar panel is that it achieves peak power output at a relatively constant operating voltage (VMP) regardless of illumination level (see Figure 2). The LT3652 2A battery charger exploits this characteristic to maintain a solar panel at peak operating efficiency by implementing input voltage ...

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Frequently Asked Questions: Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) & LTC4120

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Oct 31st 2013
Q. What is wireless power transfer (WPT)? A. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is the process where electrical energy is transmitted from a power source to an electrical load across an air gap using induction coils. These coils produce an electromagnetic field which sends energy from a charging base station (transmitter) to a coil ...

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What to Do If You Can’t Find a Battery Charger IC for Your Application

Trevor Barcelo - Product Line Manager - Battery Management Jun 25th 2013
Batteries are used in an application space that is broad and varied.  To accommodate such a wide range of products, battery charger IC manufacturers have an almost equally broad and varied line-up of solutions. However, it is virtually impossible for companies, such as Linear Technology, to predict all of the clever ways ...

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