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Solutions Search - Battery Cell Balancers

LTC3305 Lead Acid Battery Balancer - Video Product Brief

Tony Armstrong - Director of Product Marketing May 28th 2015
The LTC®3305 balances up to 4 lead acid batteries connected in series. All voltage monitoring, gate drive, and fault detection circuitry is integrated. The LTC3305 is designed for  stand-alone operation and does not require any external control circuitry. The LTC3305 employs an auxiliary battery or an alternative ...



Lead Acid Battery Balancer

Mark Vitunic - Design Manager Mar 31st 2015
Active balancing of series connected battery stacks exists for many common battery chemistries, but up until now not for lead acid. Skepticism abounds as to the need and benefit of active balancing for lead acid batteries but this skepticism is misplaced. As this video will show, series-connected lead acid batteries do require ...