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Solutions Search - Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

32 Bit Over-Sampling ADC with Configurable Digital Filter

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist May 15th 2017
The LTC2500-32 is a new and enabling approach to high-bandwidth, precision applications such as automated test equipment, control loops, seismology, and precision data acquisition. Analog performance of the SAR core is second to none - linearity is guaranteed 2 ppm maximum. Offset drift is 7 parts per billion per ...



Buffered Octal ADC Inputs Simplify Sensor Interfaces

Andrew Thomas - Design Engineer Apr 19th 2017
Many systems using a precision analog-to- digital converter to digitize signals need some signal conditioning circuitry between the signal source and the ADC. In addition to its other functions, that circuitry must accurately drive the input of the ADC. The combined demands of performance and high speed to handle the ADC input ...



24-Bit 2Msps SAR ADC with Digital Filter Simplifies Your System

Raymond Perry - Design Engineer Feb 29th 2016
The LTC2380-24 is a versatile 24-bit SAR ADC that combines state-of-the-art performance at a sampling rate of 2Msps with flexibility and ease of use. In this video, we will describe two unique features of this device that will allow you to greatly simplify your system. A flexible integrated digital filter makes it easy to trade ...



Simultaneously Digitize Eight High-Voltage Arbitrary Swing Signals

Micah O'Halloran - SAR ADC Design Section Lead Oct 21st 2015
Many common monitoring and control applications require multiple analog input signals to be simultaneously sampled and digitized, preserving time-domain correlation and frequency-domain phase relationships between the signals in the digital domain. The LTC2348-18 is designed specifically for these applications. The device simultaneously ...



16-Channel, 16/12-Bit Voltage Output DACs in a Tiny 6mm x 6mm Package

Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist Jun 6th 2014
General-purpose DACs address a wide range of applications including instrumentation, industrial control, and setting voltages and currents in all manner of analog circuits. In this video, we demonstrate the 16-/12-bit LTC2668, a 16-channel, voltage output DAC with five software-programmable (SoftSpan™) or pin-configurable ...



LTspice: SAR ADC Driver Interface

Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager Apr 3rd 2014
High-performance SAR ADCs can offer amazing dynamic range and linearity at faster and faster sample rates. But how do you design the amplifier and interface at the analog inputs? LTspice IV can help. This video shows how to use LTspice to simulate the analog input interface of high-performance SAR ADCs. We will look at charge ...

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Evaluating Zero-Drift Amplifier Performance

Jeremy Wong - Design Engineer Dec 30th 2013
Analog applications are demanding better precision and drift performance due to improvements in data converter resolution and the economic drive to reduce or eliminate periodic calibration. Zero-drift amplifiers, which achieve microvolt-level accuracy and excellent low frequency noise, are the ideal choice for these high-sensitivity ...



20-Bit 1Msps 0.5ppm INL SAR ADC

Jesper Steensgaard - Staff Scientist Oct 1st 2013
The LTC®2378-20 is a versatile general purpose ADC which provides state-of-the-art performance at any sampling rate up to 1MHz. In this video, we will show that it is ADC non-linearity, as opposed to noise, that ultimately limits the measurement accuracy that can be achieved with an ADC. The combination of speed, versatility ...



LTC2389-18 18-Bit 2.5Msps SAR ADC with Configurable Input Range Video Product Brief

Alison Steer - Product Marketing Manager Jan 22nd 2013
The LTC®2389-18 is a low noise, high speed 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a single 5V supply, the LTC2389-18 supports pinconfigurable fully differential (±4.096V), pseudo-differential unipolar (0V to 4.096V), and pseudo-differential bipolar (±2.048V) analog input ranges, allowing it to ...



LTC2369 18-Bit 1.6Msps Pseudo-Differential Unipolar Serial SAR ADC with 96.5dB SNR - Video Product Brief

Alison Steer - Product Marketing Manager Jul 30th 2012
The LTC®2369-18 is a low noise, low power, high speed 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a 2.5V supply, the LTC2369-18 has a 0V to VREF pseudo-differential unipolar input range with VREF ranging from 2.5V to 5.1V. The LTC2369-18 consumes only 18mW and achieves ±2.5LSB INL maximum, no missing ...



Achieve 101dB SNR with the LTC2379-18

Heemin Yang - Design Section Lead Mar 20th 2012
Successive Approximation Register Analog-to-Digital Converters (SAR ADCs) are key components in instrumentation, industrial control, and test equipment applications. The accuracy, noise and speed of the SAR ADC often determine the overall system performance. Linear Technology’s LTC®2379-18 breaks new ground in SAR ADC ...



LTC2379/LTC2380 18-Bit 1.6Msps/16-Bit 2Msps SAR ADC Family - Video Product Brief

Alison Steer - Product Marketing Manager Mar 9th 2011
The LTC2379-18 is a low noise, low power, high speed 18-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a 2.5V supply, the LTC2379-18 has a ± VREF fully differential input range with VREF ranging from 2.5V to 5.1V. The LTC2379-18 consumes only 18mW and achieves ±2LSB INL maximum, no missing codes ...



PScope: High-Speed ADC Data Collection Software

Clarence Mayott - Applications Engineer Jan 4th 2011
When Linear Technology provides a customer with a high speed ADC demo board we also provide PScope, the software to evaluate the demo board. PScope is a simple software package that can collect, and display data from high speed ADC demo boards. It will also provide a simple and easy way to measure the key performance parameters ...

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The Simple Way to Match to a High-Speed ADC Input - LTM9001

Todd Nelson - Mixed Signal Applications Engineering Manager Jun 15th 2009
High-speed, high-resolution ADCs are critical components in communications and instrumentation applications. The interface between the final amplifier of the signal chain and the input pins of the ADC is challenging and time-consuming. Yet it is critical to the performance of the entire system. Traditionally, this requires impedance ...



Reduce Digital Feedback in High Speed Data Conversion Systems - LTC2261

Clarence Mayott - Applications Engineer Mar 15th 2009
Linear Technology's newest high-speed ADC family achieves one third the power consumption of existing solutions without compromising AC performance. Operating from a low 1.8V supply, the 14-bit, 125Msps LTC2261 dissipates 125mW while maintaining 73.4dB SNR and 85dBc SFDR. Digital outputs can be configured as DDR CMOS, DDR LVDS ...

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