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Solutions Search - AC-DC Solutions

DC2548A - LT8672EMS Demo Board | VIN = -15V to 35V, Up to 5A Output

Oct 31st 2017
Demonstration circuit 2548A is an active rectifier with reverse protection featuring the LT®8672. The demo board is designed for 5A load current. The input voltage range of the LT8672 is –40V to +42V. Two clamping diodes, D1 and D2, are used on the board to protect the IC from overvoltage spikes at the input, thus ...

Demo Board 


LT4320 LT4320 Ideal Diode Bridge

Jan 27th 2017
The LT®4320/LT4320-1 are ideal diode bridge controllers that drive four N-channel MOSFETs, supporting voltage rectification from DC to 600Hz typical. By maximizing available voltage and reducing power dissipation (see thermograph comparison below), the ideal diode bridge simplifies power supply design and reduces power supply ...



LT8315 85% Efficient Universal Input Offline Power Supply

Jan 19th 2017
The LT®8315 is a high voltage flyback converter with integrated 630V/300mA switch. No opto-isolator is needed for regulation. The device samples the output voltage from the isolated flyback waveform appearing across a third winding on the transformer. Quasi-resonant boundary mode operation improves load regulation, reduces ...



LT3798/LT8309 5V, 2A Energy Star Compliant Isolated Converter

Jesus Rosales - Applications Engineer
Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer
Feb 10th 2015
The focus of this circuirt was to take a design based on the LT®3798 and make it Energy Star Compliant; reduce no load, standby power to less than 300mW. That was achieved by adding the components highlighted in the dotted line box in the schematic inside the primary side. This circuit is simply a switch that removes ...

Blog Post Circuit LTspice 


LTC4079 Lead-Acid Battery Trickle Charger from Rectified 24V AC

Oct 2nd 2014
The LTC®4079 is a low quiescent current, high voltage linear charger for most battery chemistry types including Li-Ion/Polymer, Lead-Acid or NiMH battery stacks up to 60V. The maximum charge current is adjustable from 10mA to 250mA with an external resistor. The battery charge voltage is set using an external resistor divider. ...



LT1241Series 300kHz Off-Line Power Supply

Aug 6th 2014
The LT®1241 series devices are 8-pin, fixed frequency, current mode, pulse width modulators. They are improved plug compatible versions of the industry standard UC1842 series. These devices have both improved speed and lower quiescent current. The LT1241 series is optimized for off-line and DC/DC converter applications. ...

Circuit LTspice 


LT1249 Active Power Factor Correction for 90VAC to 270VAC Universal Offline Power Systems

Aug 4th 2014
The LT1249 uses a multiplier containing a square gain function from the voltage amplifier to reduce the AC gain at light output load and thus maintains low line current distortion and high system stability. The LT1249 also provides filtering capability to reject line switching noise which can cause instability when fed into ...

Circuit LTspice 


LT4321/LT4275 LTPoE++/PoE+/PoE PD Controller TechClips

Oct 24th 2013
Power over ethernet is a continuing trend in the Ethernet world. The current IEEE standard allows for up to 25.5W of PD input power. LTPoE++ is Linear Technology's solution to meet the demand for greater power with 38.7W, 52.7W, 70W and 90W power levels. Heat generated by Power Over Ethernet powered device (PD) is a design ...

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Meet Green Standards in 24VAC and 12VAC Lighting Systems: Replace Halogen Bulbs with LEDs Driven by High Power Factor, High Efficiency Converter

Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader Oct 17th 2013
LEDs are increasingly used in 24VAC and 12VAC lighting systems as a robust, energy efficient and high performance alternative to halogen lamps. Power converters that drive the LEDs should have a high power factor (above 90% in order to meet generally accepted green standards), should be efficient, use a minimal number of components ...

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