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DC2578A - Total Power Management: Hot Swap, Intermediate Bus Voltage, Point-of-Load (featuring LTC4281, LTC3886, LTC3887, LTC2975) [requires DC1613]

The DC2578A is a complete power chain, including a hot swap controller, an intermediate bus controller, and six point-of-load channels with power system management. The board demonstrates how to safely transfer power from a backplane, through an LTC4281 hot swap controller, through an LTC3886 step-down intermediate bus controller (IBC), and out through the point-of-load converters (POLs) that regulate load voltages. It shows the comprehensive set of power management, cooperation, and safety features of the Analog Devices solution, and showcases how easy it is to configure and manage the whole power hierarchy. Each regulated supply has the ability to sequence, trim, margin, supervise, measure, respond cooperatively to faults, and log fault information in nonvolatile memory. In addition, the onboard load pulser helps with optimizing the adjustable LTC3886 control loop response. The rich set of status and telemetry information provided by the entire system is consolidated and presented under one GUI interface — LTpowerPlay.




Companion Demo Boards

DC1613A - USB-to-PMBus Controller for Use with LTpowerPlay



LTpowerPlay is a powerful development environment supporting Linear Technology's Digital Power System Management (PSM) products, providing unprecedented diagnostic and debug features.

Click here to download LTpowerPlay