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Terasic Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Welcome to the Innovate FPGA & SoC Design Contest held by Terasic, Analog Devices & Intel. For the past 14 years, this contest has inspired thousands of aspiring engineers to design, to create, and innovate! 

FEB 06, 2018 Update:

Please fill out this form to order up to 3 FREE boards to complete your design.


Jan 15, 2018 Update:

Over 450 teams from around the world have submitted project abstracts for the 2018 Innovate FPGA design contest. Many are quite impressive and cover a wide range of applications including: 

  • Autonomous driving
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Robotics
  • Computer vision
  • Agriculture automation
  • Intelligent prosthetics

To view ALL projects, please click here

You can still participate by voting for the teams you think should receive development hardware to begin their designs. You must be a community member to vote  (join here) & every community member can vote for up to 3 projects, in each of the 4 regions.

Don’t delay, voting closes on January 30, 2018.




Real-World Plug-ins for the Terasic DE10-Nano Kit

1) Arduino Plug-Ins: Circuits from the Lab

Analog Devices application experts have developed over a hundred reference designs to bridge the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure and connect.

These circuits can be used as standalone solutions, or combined to build more complex systems.

Use the Arduino compatible headers on the DE10-Nano to plug-in a variety of precision signal chain solutions from Analog Devices. See a few examples of Arduino Plug-In boards below:

Engineered. Tested. Ready to Integrate.

 Part Number General Description of Part
EVAL-CN0216-ARDZ Precision Weigh Scale
EVAL-CN0357-ARDZ Electrochemical Gas Detection
EVAL-CN0338-ARDZ NDIR Thermopile Gas Sensing
EVAL-ADXL362-ARDZ Ultra-Low Power Accelerometer
EVAL-CN0391-ARDZ 4-Channel Thermocouple System
EVAL-CN0395-ARDZ Volatile Organic Compound Gas Detector
EVAL-CN0396-ARDZ Dual Electrochemical Gas Sensor
EVAL-CN0397-ARDZ 3-Channel Light Detection for Smart Agriculture
EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ Soil Moisture and pH Measurement System

2) QuikEval Plug-Ins: Connecting To LTC 2x7 QuikEval Header

The DE10-Nano includes an LTC 2x7 QuikEval header that is compatible with over a hundred of Analog Devices evaluation boards from the legacy Linear Technology product lines. Some of these parts may be an "enabling technology" for your design, such as a precision ADC or DAC, or a low-noise PLL for a communications system. Other products perform critical auxiliary functions, such as system health monitoring (supply current, supply voltage, temperature etc.).

Click here to see over a hundred boards that connect to the LTC 2x7 QuikEval header. 

The SPI or I2C signals on the DE10-Nano's QuikEval connector are connected to the HPS side of the Cyclone V SoC device. This means that you will most likely communicate to these devices from within the Linux operating system running on the embedded processor. 

For parts without a Linux driver, it is possible to communicate directly through the /dev/i2c and /dev/spi device files. In both cases, there is Linduino / Arduino code that can be used as a starting point for writing your own code. Linduino / Arduino code is intended for porting to "bare metal" (no operating system) embedded applications, but is still useful in gaining insight into how a particular device functions.

Partial List of Demo Circuits that connect to the LTC 2x7 QuikEval Header

 Part Number QuikEval Board Description of the QuikEval Board
LTC2984 DC2420A Starter kit demonstrates the performance and ease of use of the LTC®2984, which is a complete temperature measurement system on a chip
LTC2668 DC2025A-A DC2025A features the LTC2668, 16-channel 16-Bit/12-Bit ±10V VOUT SoftSpan™ DACs with 10ppm/°C max reference.

This device features per-channel SoftSpan configuration with five output ranges:
0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, ±2.5V, ±5V, and ±10V.
LTC2358-18 DC2365A-A DC2365A features the LTC®2358-18, Buffered Octal, 18-Bit, 200ksps/Ch Differential ±10.24V ADC with 30VP-P Common Mode Range
LTC2497 DC1012A-B DC1012A-B features the LTC2497 - 16-Bit 8-/16-Channel Delta Sigma ADC with Easy Drive Input Current Cancellation and I2C Interface
LTC2378-20 DC2135A DC2135A shows a simple DC accurate ADC driver circuit that converts a ±10V single-ended input signal into a fully differential signal capable of driving the LTC2378-20 with a combined linearity error of only 2ppm

 To see over a hundred boards that are compatible with the LTC 2x7 QuikEval header, click here.

Please see below for a few examples of demo boards that you may choose as a part of the

3 FREE Demo board give-away:

Arduino Plug-Ins -- ADI Boards

DE10-NANO with ADI Plug In Board -- EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ

EVAL-CN0398-ARDZ: Electrochemical Gas Detection board plugged onto the DE-10 Nano



DE10-NANO with ADI Plug In Board -- EVAL-CN0397-ARDZ

EVAL-CN0397-ARDZ: 3-Channel Light Detection for Smart Agriculture plugged onto the DE-10 Nano



QuikEval Plug-Ins -- Linear Technology Boards

DE10-NANO with LTC Plug In Board -- DC417B

DC1012A-A: 24-Bit 8-Ch I2C Delta Sigma ADC attached to DE10-NANO


DE10-NANO with LTC Plug In Board -- DC1338B

DC1338B: I2C Temperature, Current & Voltage Monitor attached to DE10-NANODE10-NANO