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Introducing Power By Linear

Introducing Power By Linear

Now that we’re part of Analog Devices, our power management products have a new name: Power by Linear, the world's premier source for power management products and expertise.

You’ll get the same great customer service and support—and from many of the same names and faces—that you’ve come to expect with Linear Technology. We’ll continue to update and improve our tools, and we’re maintaining our no-obsolescence policy, so that when you design and build with Power by Linear products today, you can be confident that we’ll support you down the road. You’ll also benefit from the wide range of products, tools, and design expertise available from Analog Devices.

Steve Pietkiewicz Introduces Power By Linear


We expect to have Power by Linear fully integrated into Analog.com by the spring of 2018. In the meantime, you can continue to use the power management pages both here and on Analog.com. Once our combined Website is relaunched, you’ll see enhanced product pages, easier to use product selection tables, and integrated signal chains and resources.

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