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Silent Switcher 2: Dual 4A per Channel, 42V Micropower Step-Down Regulator

John Gardner - Design Engineer Oct 16th 2017

As automotive electronic content increases, voltage regulators continually need smaller size, higher current, and lower radiated emissions.  Silent Switcher® 2 products address this need by providing 2MHz solutions with high efficiency without compromising EMI performance.

The LT8650S is a dual channel, 42V step-down regulator providing up to 4A of output current per channel in a 4mm x 6mm package.  Silent Switcher 2 technology makes the EMI performance less dependent on PCB board layout, enabling robust EMI results.  Switching losses are not compromised for EMI performance, as fast rising edge control approaching 10V/ns is achieved with very low overshoot and ringing.