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DC2542A - LTC2358-18, LTM2893, ADA4522-1, LT6658 Demo Board | Isolated Industrial Data Acquisition Board (req ArrowSoCkit)

Demonstration circuit 2542A is a reference design for robust industrial data acquisition applications based on the LTC2358-18. The LTC2358-18 is capable of high voltage measurements with a large input common range; however, the DC2542A implements input protection that allows up to 400V of continuous input protection. Combined with gas discharge tubes, which provide protection from surges, the DC2542A is capable of surviving extreme abuse. 

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LinearLabTools is a collection of Matlab and Python programs that provide direct access to Linear Technology’s data converter evaluation boards.  An evaluation board for a data converter will typically plug into an accompanying controller board, which is then connected to a host computer running a Linear supplied GUI program such as PScope for Analog-to-Digital converters or LTDACgen for Digital-to-Analog converters. The GUI allows basic performance measurements to be made, but it is not designed to run arbitrary sequences of tests or communicate with other hardware, as is often required by customers when evaluating a part for their own application. LinearLabTools allows customers to control Linear’s data converter demo boards as they would any other piece of test equipment, using their own software.

The LinearLabTools package also contains various application examples, simulations, and educational programs that demonstrate mixed signal concepts.

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