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DC2328A - LTM4651 Demo Board | EN55022B Compliant 58V, 24W Inverting-Output DC/DC μModule Regulator

Demonstration circuit 2328A is an inverting buck-boost converter with 12V to 34V input voltage, –24V output voltage and max 2A output current capability, which features the LTM®4651Y. The LTM4651 is an ultralow noise, 58V, 24W inverting-topology DC/DC µModule regulator. It is designed to meet the radiated emissions requirement of EN55022B. A switching frequency range of 250kHz to 3MHz is supported and the module can synchronize to an external clock. The LTM4651 data sheet must be read in conjunction with this demo manual prior to working on or modifying demo circuit DC2328A.




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