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DC2591A - LTC4316 Demo Board | EasySMU: I2C Address Translator and Simple Multichannel Source Measurement Unit (req. DC2026 and 12V power supply)

EasySMU is a single-channel ±12V/±40mA programmable-voltage/programmable-current source with accurate voltage/current measurement capability. The LTC®4316 I2C address translator enables up to eight independent EasySMUs to be controlled by a single I2C master.






Companion Demo Boards

DC2026C - Linduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform



Linduino is an Arduino compatible platform for developing and distributing firmware libraries and code for SPI and I²C-compatible integrated circuits. The Linduino One board interfaces to more than 300 QuikEval demonstration cards, supporting a variety of product types including analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)digital-to-analog converters (DACs)power monitors, and more. Firmware libraries for individual devices are written in C and designed to be portable to a wide variety of processors and microcontrollers. Each library has a demonstration program that can be uploaded to the Linduino One platform to allow the circuit and software to be quickly and easily verified.

Click here for more information on Linduino