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DC2369A - DC2369A Low Power Wireless Current Sense

DC2369A Wireless Current SenseDC2369A Low Power Wireless Current Sense


The DC2369A demo circuit is a reference design that implements a wireless current sense solution using Analog Device's low power integrated circuits. The only external connection needed is the current to be measured, allowing this circuit to be inserted at any voltage level or isolation level.

The design combines components for current measurement, power management and wireless mesh networking. A micro-power zero-drift op amp (LTC®2063) amplifies the voltage across a sense resistor. A 16-bit SAR ADC and precision reference (AD7988 and LT®6656) digitize the reading. A SmartMesh IP wireless radio module (LTP5901-IPM) runs the application, provides the wireless mesh connectivity and communicates with a central network manager. A switching power supply (LTC3335) counts the cumulative charge drawn from the included battery while also regulating the output voltage for the rest of the application.

The DC2369A can be easily added to the DC9021B SmartMesh IP Starter Kit, or any SmartMesh IP network. 

Read more about the DC2369A's operation in this blog.


DC2369A Block DiagramDC2369A Block Diagram



DC2369A Network DiagrasmDC2369A may serve as a wireless node in a DC9021B SmartMesh IP Starter Kit



DC2369A Demo Manual - step by step instructions to operate the DC2369A

DC2369A Circuit Description - describes theory of operation of the DC2369A circuit

SmartMesh IP Starter Kits - other SmartMesh IP demo boards

SmartMesh IP On-Chip Software Development Kit - Enables users to develop application code to run on a SmartMesh IP Mote


Software Name Software Description Weblink
"DC2369A.exe" Demonstration GUI software that displays current sense data sent wirelessly through the mesh. Runs on the user's Windows PC connected to a SmartMesh IP network manager. <To be posted soon>
FTDI Driver USB-to-Serial drivers for communication with a SmartMesh IP manager (e.g. DC9001B SmartMesh IP Evaluation manager) Download VCP from ftdichip.com




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